Friday, August 21, 2009

More Summer Tales!

Which one is Marlee?

Best part of camping.

We were camped next to this cool tree!!

Every morning it was pile on Grandma!

Poor Wil my clippers always seem to draw blood.

Look what Wil got for his 4th!!

Wil had a choice to go to the movies for his birthday or climb Beacon Rock, unfortunately for his mom he chose climbing the rock. He ran to the top.

Rane had her recital in June.

The summer started out great with Taylor's 5th birthday!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The morning after Marlee pulled an all nighter.
Marlee passed out on Papa.
Marlee exhausted after playing in the sand.
Marlee and Mom.
Marlee's first campfire!
Well Bob and I ran away alone, but after a few days our location was discovered. Ashley and Marlee showed up on our 3rd day. It was great to be at the coast during the hottest part of our heat wave. We had some really good bike rides. We did not want to come home this time.