Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Fall Everyone!!!

Once again I have waited too long to update my blog. The following pictures are from summer and this fall. We had a wonderful summer and an interesting fall. I am looking forward to the holidays and getting done with winter!

I had to put Marlee to work sweeping the floor after Halloween dinner!

Allison, Rane, Wil and Dad!

Layna, Solill, Adam and Gabe.

Ashley, Marlee and Ryan.

The wicked witch tempting the Princess with the poison apple!

Andrew and Keli, AKA bacon and eggs.

Wil and Rane.

Rane has spent the last few months losing teeth!

We camped next the neatest dog this summer!

Bob taking it easy at the kite festival in Longbeach.

Guess who turned 5 this past summer!

This is Potholes State Park, our favorite place to fish and camp.

Bob and our nephew, Matthew in the boat at Potholes.

What did we do for Uncle Aaron's 38th birthday? We went to the Enchanted Forest of course.

Grandma and grandkids at target practice.

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest