Friday, December 31, 2010



We had a great Christmas!

We had a full house on Christmas Eve!!

Santa came to our house on Christmas Eve. Here is Wil with Santa!
The scary thing about having Santa over on Christmas Eve is that all the kids were asking for things that we knew they were not going to get. Risky! This is Solill.

One last package under the tree. What could it be? (Uncle Aaron got really bored)

Aaron called Layna up to open one more present. Solill thought it was soooo funny to be wrapped up!

Our son Aaron did a great job on the lights this year! He bought all new ones and put them up on Thanksgiving weekend when he was home.


We had two Thanksgivings! We had the first one early on so that Grandma Nichols and Uncle Wayne could head to Arizona. We had all of Bob's family over. The real Thanksgiving was a quiet one for us. We had all of our kids here, no extras, which is unusual for us. Keli, Andy, Taylor, Ryan and Ashley had to eat and run. It was really relaxing for us all.

I Got All Shook Up!

Yes folks I got all shook up in October when I got laid off from my job. So what does one do when they don't have a job? Head to Austin, Texas to see my nephew's baby blessed and to see my niece star in the Texas State musical "All Shook Up". My sister, Linda and her son Brian came also. (They didn't know that I was coming so what a surprise when Janice and I picked them up at the San Antonio airport.) We had the best time visiting Janice's family, the Alamo, the River walk and eating our way from San Antonio to Austin. Emily did a fabulous job and I was very lucky to get to see the play twice! Fun times!

Emily and Brian after the performance.

My sisters, Linda, Janice and my nephew, Brian.

My sis, Janice, her husband, Preston, my nephew Ryan holding his son, Elliot. Ryan's wife Havilah and my niece, Katherine.