Sunday, June 27, 2010

We All Had Fun At the Lady Bug Picnic!!

Pinata time!
Marlee attacked her cupcake as she never gets sweets and she devoured it in record time! It was so funny.
If you look at her left eye you can see it filled with cupcake.
Yea for presents!

This was the most original gift. Our grandson Wil spent the morning washing his favorite rocks to give to his cousin. He washed and dried ten rocks and carefully placed them in the bag. It was also the heaviest present. Ashley is going to invite Wil over to paint the rocks and they will be placed in Ashley's little flower garden.

Schools Out!!

This is the farm house that our mother grew up in. Bill Flory, her cousin, grew up in the farm across the road.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Big Wil's Graduation

Last weekend Wil graduated from Bright Futures Pre-School. On to Dorothy Fox in the fall with his sister!!!

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

I made the slide show with our pictures, but I can't seem to make them bigger and in the right place this time. Maybe someday. We had a wonderful weekend together in spite of the weather. The only thing missing was a few of our family members. Keli, Ashley, Ryan, Marlee and Aaron could not make it. The surrounding were so green and beautiful. Love camping with my family!!