Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas and Here's Skippy!!

Rane and Skippy!

Marlee and her Christmas Jammies!
Little did Taylor know that when she was opening gifts at our house and loving Skippy that there was a puppy waiting for her at her other Grandma's house. She has a new puppy named Panda!
Marlee is opening her new jammies Christmas eve, one of our family traditions. She also got a new pillow and book from Grandma.

This is what our house looked like on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas (finally). We had an excellent Christmas. Christmas Eve we had the whole family over and had a great time. Papa finally gave in so there was a new puppy under the tree for Wil and Rane. They were in shock and it took them a while to realize that it was a real dog. He is a purebred Jack Russell terrier and has been named Skippy Evan Rockstar. So far he is really a good dog and very smart. He hates the cold weather so he stands on his front legs only when he goes out. He has even tried to stand on one leg. It is so funny. We had a brunch on Christmas morning and then dinner. We just chilled and had a great day.


Yea for Cinderella's castle!

Taylor, Rane and Wil with Mulan!
Back row, Aaron, Wil, Grandma, Keli and Rane.
Love Tower of Terror
The real reason Aaron wanted to go was to get Rane on California Screamin'.
The Dr. Scholls inserts really helped.
Taylor, Wil and Rane in front of the huge Christmas tree!
Uncle Aaron wanted the grandkids to experience Disneyland with the Christmas decorations. December 9th Aaron, Allison, Rane, Wil, Keli, Taylor and I flew to Cal and had a great time with our 5 day passes. Papa opted out (he's quite a scrooge) but we had a fun time without him. Rane and Wil started out sick, then Taylor wasn't feeling good and by the time we left Keli had a strep infection. The Nichols' don't let a little sickness get us down we went on everything multiple times. We were just sad that Gabe and Solill were not with us because Solill had surgery scheduled that week. We also can't wait for Marlee to be old enough to hang with us!