Friday, September 14, 2012


 Rane under the bridge.
 Rane and Taylor on the hike.
 Harper trying really hard to get the cookies.
 One of the falls.
 Rane, Taylor and Wil checking out the water hole.
 Harper in Grandma's kitchen sink!
 Guess who loves her Daddy?!
 Checking out the water on the hike.
 The South Falls.
 Taylor, Wil and Rane.
 The 3 amigos again.
 Rane, Ali and Wil.
 Taylor on the hike.  You needed to walk over her the correct way or you did not get to go any further.
 Taylor and Wil had to climb down here on one of our hikes.
 Wil under the bridge.
 Taylor under the bridge.
 Aunt Keli tattooed everyone with Grandma's Animal Planet tattoos!
 Imagine that! Wil hanging from a tree.
Uncle Aaron with the kids.

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